• Instameet Newquay

    22 December 2016

    Instameet group | Mackie Studio | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Instameets are events happening globally where Instagrammers meet each other, share photography advice and create content together, we thought it was high time Cornwall joined the movement.

    While following other photographers in your area is a good source of inspiration, meeting them in person and shooting alongside them is even better. So on the 11th December a group of like-minded people came together in Newquay and set off to walk 5 miles of coastline in the name of the first #mackieinstameet.

    We met at Mackie Studio and began walking alongside the Gannel which separates Crantock and Pentire. As roughly forty strangers from all walks of life made their way onto Pentire headland we were greeted with not only incredible weather but also thumping offshore waves. Everyone that attended had a passion for photography and Cornwall wether it be amateur or pro which meant we all had a lot in common.

    Map of the Mackie Instameet | Mackie Studio | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    The general vibe of the day was relaxed and upbeat with a free-form style of shooting that allowed everyone to capture images openly, summed up perfectly by a scattering of photographers taking over Pentire Headland.

    We took some of our final shots whilst watching the sun setting on the iconic Fistral beach, then on a high we made our way back to the studio for mulled wine, mince pies and shared conversations!

    Mackie Studio | Design Agency | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Instameet group walking | Mackie Studio | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Paddle Boarder | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Group Walk | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Climb up from the Gannel | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Breakers Lodge | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Crantock Surf | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Babel Fish Language School | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Edge of the Map | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    BMX Riding | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Instagrammer | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Instagram group walking | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Heading to South Fistral | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Surf breaking at South Fistral | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    South Fistral coastal path | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Marie Lapage | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Happy Instagram | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Rach Mackie | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Surfers | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Dusk | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Instagrammers shooting Dusk | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    Pallet Christmas Tree | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    What's an Instameet?

    An InstaMeet is a group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos and videos together. That's it! An InstaMeet can happen anywhere and be any size. They're a great opportunity to share tips and tricks with other community members in your area, and an excuse to get out and explore someplace new!

    How do I join?

    All you need to do is show up! If you have any questions, simply leave a comment on the photo announcing the InstaMeet.

    What do I need?

    An Instagram account, your phone/camera and a desire to connect and explore with other Instagrammers.

    Karl Mackie | Mackie Studio Instameet | Newquay-Cornwall-UK

    We are running more Instameets throughout 2017 which we will always announce on our Instagram account. You can also sign up to our newsletter for more information.

  • Amy Bullock: Five Killer Questions

    14 December 2016

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy had wanted to intern with us for a while so when we finally had a space we fixed her up for a month at Mackie. An aspiring photographer with a background in design, we threw her into photoshoots and branding workshops for a fast paced month.

    When anyone takes on an internship, you never know what might be uncovered, in our case handing Amy a collective of 35mm and 120mm cameras turned out to be something just like that. Her documentation of the studio on film is one of our favourite outcomes of her time here. 

    Here's what went down plus Amy's five killer questions:

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Amy Bullock photography internship at Mackie

    Five Killer Questions:

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Curious, inventive, ambitious.

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    When I found out about Mackie studio, they were already doing what I was aiming to be doing. Creating and exploring, it was an obvious choice after following them for a while that I wanted to get involved.

    What was your favourite part/project of your internship?

    Just being around such level headed people like Karl and Rach and Emily. Creating and sharing knowledge and stories everyday.

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    Keep on expanding your horizons!

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    Find me on my Blog, Instagram and Facebook:




    If you want to experience what we do here visit our internship page for more information.

  • Introducing Emily - our new Digital Designer!

    07 December 2016

    Emily Cooke interview at Mackie Studio

    Before joining Mackie, Emily worked at Wavelength Surf Magazine where she was engaged in designing for online and print in the fast paced sector of magazines. She has a passion for understanding and finding ways to meet and exceed design expectations and we like that…a lot.

    Photography by Amy Bullock.

    Can you provide us with a little background on yourself?
    Yeah sure, I grew up in the Lake district, then went on to study Graphic Design at Leeds University then decided that I wanted to move to the beautiful Cornish coast to be able to surf and design so I took the step to move down to Cornwall about two years ago straight after university. The idea was that I wanted to surf and design whilst being in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and it's all worked out pretty well!

    I started my time in Cornwall by doing an Internship at Wavelength Magazine / Wavelength Media, where afterwards I was lucky enough to be offered a full time job, so I worked for Wavelength for just over a year which was really fun and great experience for me, working across both print and digital and gaining heaps of experience whilst working there. I had a really talented creative director there that took me under his wing and taught me a ridiculous amount of skills in my first year working as a designer. Then the job at Mackie came up, never expecting to get it, I applied and now, here I am, loving my new role at Mackie Studio! 

    What was it about Mackie Studio that attracted you the most and what do you enjoy about working at the studio?
    It’s a small friendly studio where all of the designers and developers love what they do and take pride in their work. I was drawn by the fact that Mackie create great websites/branding and photography which has simplicity and minimalistic, clean design as a core value. Working with Karl is awesome as he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that I’m learning from everyday and I’m also picking up loads of photography insight which is epic as it’s something that I’m really keen to develop my skills at! I love the fact that I’m working on websites most of the time as it’s pretty fast paced and keeps the workflow and projects moving constantly and in turn there’s a huge diversity of different projects and clients.

    I really enjoy the variation of projects and clients that come through the door at Mackie Studio as I love working in different areas of design. One day I might be working on a logo, the next day I might be working on a really complex website or app for a huge multinational client. The variation of clients that we work with and the projects we get to work on are really exciting to be part of.

    Who do you get inspired by in your line of work?
    Tough question as there’s so many talented designers out there. I’ll run through three of my favourites.

    Snask's ideas are crazy and very fun!

    Gemma O’Brien does beautiful typography based projects she has ridiculous hand drawing and calligraphy skills.

    Jessica Walsh is a super talented art director based in New York and works at the studio Sagmeister and Walsh (who I also hugely admire).

    Aaron Draplin, a graphic designer who creates mainly logos. His work and logos are wonderful. Check out his website his inspiring talk at the Adobe meet up here.

    What project in your career so far stands out for you the most?
    It’s actually been working on our most recent project at Mackie, which was designing and developing the new Jam Industries site. Seeing my designs go from ideas, to getting developed, then to be signed off by the client and see go live is a real highlight!

    Emily Cooke interview at Mackie Studio

    What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?
    Surfing, skiing, snowboarding have to be favourites. Whenever I can be i’m always in the sea or going off to ski resorts in the alps to buy a liftpass. I love adventuring around Cornwall discovering all the cool rugged beaches and coastline. Really it’s the perfect place to be based in the UK as I love surfing and living on the coast and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else now. Being able to bbq on the beach in the summer after work or go surfing on your lunch break is the best!

    Emily Cooke interview at Mackie Studio

    What are you most excited about for the projects that you have coming up?
    I would say I’m probably looking forward to working with Kudhva the most. Kudhva is company that have made these very cool architectural pods in North Cornwall, they're located right beside the coast with stunning views and you can go and stay in them. Kudhva is the Cornish word for hideout and they look really really cool! They’ll be opening in the summer and I can’t wait to go and stay in one! We’ll be doing the company’s, photography, branding, website and we will also be creating a book for them in the coming weeks. It’ll be great getting stuck into that, a really fun and exciting project to work on!

    I’m also fully looking forward to working on designing an app that will be released into the gaming industry! Follow us on dribble and behance for more updates on all that we're working on. Loads of exciting projects in the pipeline!

  • Fresh off the rack - 2017 Calendar

    25 October 2016

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar

    2016's calendar focused on imagery we had shot throughout the year on iPhone only, this year we have decided to go back to basics.

    Photography throughout our new 2017 calendar is shot on 35mm film by Karl Mackie and focuses solely on the area around the studio - Newquay. We have imagery from Fistral Beach, Newquay Harbour, The Cribbar and Watergate Bay.

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar - Fistral beach

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar - Fistral beach-35mm-film

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar - Watergate Bay

    This year we have included key dates throughout 2017 in Cornwall and beyond, like the important Surfers against Sewage Autumn beach clean in October. We also have key dates for design related meets, like London Design Week and many more.

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar - Surfers against Sewage

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar - Fistral beach in December

    Mackie 2017 Newquay Calendar - Back cover graphic design

    The good folks at St Austell Press have again printed a superb calendar that matches the expectations of the imagery, we have always said we want you our customers to be able to put these images on the wall and regain their quality.

    Buy now

  • Kyle Grainger: Five Killer Questions

    23 September 2016

    Who is Kyle Grainger? When we first heard from him via an email enquiry, we checked him out and liked him straight away. His work has that same minimal take on the subjective as us and we love that. Kyle arrived with us from Falmouth University for a weeks internship studying photography and branding.

    When photography students come to MACKIE we always try and accommodate a real life shoot situation with Karl Mackie so they can experience the process involved. Kyle's week just happened to fall on a shoot we had planned with the guys from Path Adventure. The basis of the shoot being 'its all about the content' (more on this in a later post) so after a quick briefing over a coffee we set off to explore Cornwall with a variety of cameras and a car full of stoke.

    Here's what went down plus Kyle's five killer questions:

    Five Killer Questions:

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Creative, fun and driven

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    I chose Mackie studio because I've been following their work for a while and felt that I could relate to it easily. From loving their photography and aesthetic I felt the need to get a deeper insight into design and branding. As a photographer I felt it would be useful to learn about other creative roles to help benefit working with them in the future.

    What was your favourite part/project of your internship?

    Favourite part has to be getting to know Karl as a friend and a great mentor, he was able to break down a lot of stuff for me and give me a clear insights into being a 'photographer' and a 'creative'. It was also great fun working with Mackie and Path Adventure shooting the cornish coast, documenting the process of photography and editing using elements of video.

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    One thing I learnt was to make sure you go out and actually do the things you want to do. Don't waste time thinking 'what if' or 'how can i', just go for it. Karl helped me to realise that if you're passionate about something then why not? This has given me tones of perspective on my ideas and goals and helped me to think bigger.

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    You can find me on my website and also on my Instagram:



    If you want to experience what we do here visit our internship page for more information.

  • A look at Branding

    19 August 2016

    A little story about Branding from the guys at a Inet Design in Denmark.

    Visit Inet-Design

  • True Boden: Five Killer Questions

    21 July 2016

    True Boden from Newquay Tretherras

    Last week we linked up with Newquay Tretherras School and had one of their students; True Boden come spend a week with us for his work experience. It can be quite daunting arriving at a studio when you're 15 years old but from the first day True arrived he nailed it and settled in like we had known him for years. Already a passionate photographer with a preference for 35mm film, we lined up a week of commercial and 35mm film shoots and asked True to answer our 5 Killer Questions at the end of the week.

    Here's what went down:





    Part of the experience of coming to us is learning all about studio life in the real world sense so the students and interns get an opportunity to see exactly what its like. We are currently working on the new brand for a local client called Babel Fish Language School. These guys combine teaching english with doing activities in and around Cornwall. It was a perfect opportunity for True to get out there in the field and shadow us as we shot lifestyle imagery around the Pentire Headland in Newquay.




    With the experience of being part of a commercial shoot under his belt, we decided to set True a 35mm film task, we knew he was a fan of urban photography so a Canon AV-1 and a Minolta MR-7 were loaded with Ilford film and out onto the streets of Newquay we went! Free from the constraints of shooting commercially, the images below are a small selection of True's work.







    Five Killer Questions:

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Creative, willing and punctual.

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your work experience?

    I first found out about Mackie Studio when my form tutor suggested the name Karl Mackie to me when I was searching for a photography/design based work experience week. I then browsed through Karl’s photography realising a lot of his photographs he has displayed have a very similar look to what I am interested in. Karl has used a lot of film photography in his work which I am planning to carry out with in the future.

    What was your favourite part/project of your work experience?

    My favourite part of the work experience week was when myself and Karl went out into the town to shoot black and white urban themed photography with the Canon AV-1 camera and Minolta SR-7 which are both vintage film cameras. The next day me and Karl got the films developed at Wadebridge and then we went back to the studio in Newquay which then we managed to scan the negatives.

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    I have learnt many things whilst I have been with Karl at the studio. One of them being the simple camera basics and the difference between shutter priority and aperture. I have found out that getting a degree isn’t as important as having the experience of this type of career. I’ve also learnt the reality of commercial shoots for an official company’s website. 

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    I don’t have my own website for my work so I use my Instagram account to present my photography:


    Work experience is an invaluable part of school life as is internships. If you want to experience what we do here visit our internship page for more information.

  • Sewage free seas

    31 March 2016

    Surfers against Sewage Safer Seas Advert

    There are approximately 31,000 Sewer Overflows around the UK. Their sole purpose is to discharge untreated human sewage and waste-water when the sewerage system is overloaded. CSOs act as emergency discharge valves in our sewerage system, discharging untreated sewage and wastewater when the system comes close to bursting, supposedly during periods of intense rainfall. Without CSOs, sewage could start backing up in our houses and gardens, so they are a vital part of our sewerage infrastructure. However, SAS is increasingly concerned that they are being used to regularly dispose of untreated sewage, even during times of low rainfall or none at all.

    The Environment Agency has opened a 6-week industry stakeholder consultation on how often water companies should be legally permitted to discharge raw, untreated human sewage effluent directly into the nation’s beaches, rivers and coastline. In response, Surfers Against Sewage is calling for public support for Sewage Free Seas, and aims to deliver thousands of signatures of public support to the Environment Agency and Members of Parliament to help finally deliver sewage free seas.

    Surfers Against Sewage is calling for 10,000 surfers, water users, boarders, swimmers and all beach lovers to sign its response to the Environment Agency consultation calling on the government for SEWAGE FREE SEAS!
    To do this supporters are asked to visit SewageFreeSeas.org.uk and add their signature. Surfers Against Sewage will deliver these to the Environment Agency and Environment Minister at its All Party Parliamentary Group meeting in Westminster on 4th May, once the consultation has closed.

    Visit Sewage Free Seas

  • The Third Colour

    17 March 2016

    Mackie Studio new store UI layout

    This is not just an article about us introducing a third colour to our brand. The fact we have been black and white for so long is a good thing in our mind, it's clear, honest and visibly transparent in it's simplicity.

    However user usability is everything and a lot has changed over the last 3 years, for a start mobile browsing is now bigger than ever with the big players all upping their screen sizes to the point we are using our mobiles for content instead of our iPads.

    It's because of the iPhone 6s Plus that we decided to introduce #369bc8 into our design elements. With its oversized screen, browsing is as good as it gets on a mobile device. Websites arguably look great on a retina screen with super sharp text and rich colour imagery. We knew we had to introduce the third colour to highlight any call to action simply because the UI is bigger, easier to navigate and as a large part of our traffic comes from mobile users we wanted user usability to be clear and consistent.

    iPhone 6 mock up of the Mackie Testimonial page

    This is a good point to introduce our new and updated website with the additional third colour and to highlight a number of tweaks and features we have introduced for this version:

    1 - New content
    2 - Testimonials
    3 - Additional project information
    4 - New products
    5 - Internship information
    6 - New Navigation window
    7 - Ability to share our journal posts
    8 - Newsletter sign up
    9 - Alternative mobile & tablet content
    10 - The new #369bc8 third colour

    New Mackie Studio UI layout on Mobile

    Mackie Studio new work page UI layout

  • Designing Adobe Portfolio

    18 February 2016

    Our good friend Andrew Couldwell gives a talk and offers some insight into how he and the team at Adobe designed the new Adobe Portfolio product.

    Visit the Room Five

  • Dunning Golf

    13 January 2016

    Nicolas Colsaerts

    For over 15 years Dunning Golf has revolutionized the golf industry with its performance apparel that stands the test of time. We left Cornwall and headed north to Aberdeen in Scotland to shoot their new line with Nicolas Colsaerts at the Trump Links golf course.

    Ralph Dunning and Nicolas Colsaerts

    Nicolas Colsaerts at the Trump Links golf course

    Nicolas Colsaerts Dunnng Hoody

    Nicolas Colsaerts Golf Swing

    Visit Dunning Golf

  • Man

    22 December 2015

    Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world.

    Visit Steve Cutts

  • Akiba

    16 December 2015

    Retro 80s games flyer

    This week saw a new client come onboard called Akiba, a new gaming platform that allows all this retro games of the 80's to be played via a tiny console. 

    More to come from us and Akiba, for now we produced this throwback 80's inspired flyer for all you gamers out there, of which there are many....

  • HOA Room SETS

    20 November 2015

    Maria Rivans Frieda Roomset by The House of Artists

    We are working with a new client called The House of Artists on an inspired project centred around art and wall coverings. We can't say too much about it at this stage but wanted to share the room sets we have begun to create for them, a little taster before the project launches in 2016...

    Love Toy Roomset by The House of ArtistsLana Americana Carousel Roomset by The House of Artists

    S Plaetz Incoming carousel Roomset by The House of Artists

  • Global Wave Conference

    14 October 2015

    The Global Wave Conference went down in Cornwall on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th October, hosted by Surfers against Sewage at the Bedruthan and Steps Hotel before moving onto the Palace of Westminster on the 14th. The conference highlighted the growing threat to waves and surfing habitats worldwide.

    We were there as a creative partner to witness some of the most interesting and profound speakers you could wish to hear on a Monday morning. It's tough to highlight any one individual as everyone brought something interesting and unique to the table, however the sight of Greg Long talking about his experience surfing big waves and surviving a life threatening hold down was a moment we felt lucky to be a part of and brought a standing ovation for the big man.

    No doubt the conference was a success, the broader message was loud and clear from a global collective of individuals that care about making change happen and sharing that message.

    Photo credit: Surfers Against Sewage

    Visit the Global Wave Conference

  • six years of handplanes

    27 September 2015

    The original Mackie Handplane

    Adding the edges to the Mackie Handplane

    This month marks six years of our bodysurfing Handplanes. In that time we have hand made over 2K boards and sent them out all over world for a variety of different uses - not always for bodysurfing!

    The Mackie bodysurfing Handplane

    It's been quite a journey with many stories but the favourite has to be when we received an email from a guy in Kenya, he had studied at Plymouth University and knew of us from being in the South West. Returning to Kenya he dropped us an email telling us all about these bodysurfing spots so we sent a box of boards over for the kids to enjoy.

    Another memory is the time they were for sale on Sunset Boulevard in LA. For around a two year period we would make boards on demand and send them out to the USA!

    A highlight was the Handplane Art Project which saw twenty six Handplanes sent out to various creatives from around the world with one simple brief; to create artwork on the boards that reflected their interpretation of the sea. We had some amazing pieces of art back from the likes of Maddie Gordon, Chris Del Moro, Tim Crabtree and many more. We then exhibited the results throughout Cornwall.

    The Mackie Handplane Art Kit

    Mackie Handplane Art by Maddie Gordon - Tim Crabtree - Karlee Mackie

    The Mackie Handplane Art Project

    Six years on and Handplanes are widely available throughout the ocean community and ours are still as important as they always were. Our latest venture was a Handplane collaboration with our Basque friends TwoThirds on a new board that is now available throughout Europe.

    Linseed oil used for the Mackie Handplanes

    Oiling a Mackie x Twothirds Handplane

    Mackie x Twothirds Handplane

    For us the simple fundamental reason for making a Handplane in the first place is still the same; to keep in the car, rucksack or travel bag and be able to dive into the sea whenever the moment takes us.

  • Mackie Vsco Grid

    19 August 2015

    Mackie Studio VSCO Grid

    When the brilliant minds at VSCO brought out the iPhone app it changed the game the minute it arrived. Suddenly an app that felt like the user had such a range of control when shooting on a mobile. We picked it up and never looked back, it's still our go-to app now.

    Fans of our Instagram feed will know we shoot landscapes, surfing and lifestyle in and around the studio but it's our VSCO Grid where we can share all of our work shot on iPhone in the images native size format.

    Visit the Mackie Vsco Grid

  • Square Prints

    22 July 2015

    Square print surfing illustrations by Mackie Studio

    Mackie Surfboards on Watergate Bay Beach

    Effectively we looked at the surfboards shaped by our founder; Karl Mackie and brought them to the paper, the more we drew the more it became apparent that four is a nice number to complete the range.

    The Mackie Fish surfboard inspired square print

    The Mackie Paddler surfboard inspired square print

    The Mackie Weever quad fin surfboard inspired square print

    The Mackie fishtail handplane inspired square printInspired by years of surfing and bodysurfing we began designing illustrations of the boards around us in the studio. We wanted to explore more illustration within our work and began dreaming of something colourful and BIG.

    The outcome was four prints, blessed with colour, featuring surfboards and handplanes that we use whenever we get chance to grab a surf. Each illustration is printed on the same stock we use for printing film photography which carries that slightly grainy feel to capture the handmade feel of the work.

    Visit the online store

  • Neon Wetsuits

    10 June 2015

    Neon Wetsuits website design by Mackie StudioHaving given Neon Wetsuits a complete overhaul and a new CMS to boot, we have just launched the new-look website in a splash of colour.

    View the case study

  • Old Harry

    14 May 2015

    Models shooting on a vintage camera | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, CornwallFollowing on from the shoot we did for Shore Projects last year we continued our experimentation with mobile photography exploring the rugged atlantic coastline with photography and fashion shooting a new brand called Old Harry.

    Shooting around the coast for a brand like Old Harry needed us to bring that vibe home, to feel coastal, rugged and unpredictable. We crafted a narrative that builds a framework for the brand.

    Model with an iPhone 6s Plus | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Model wears the creme Jumper | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Model at Newquay Harbour | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Model at Watergate Bay | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Newquay Fishing Nets | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Model looking out to Sea | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Models sat on the Harbour Wall | Karl Mackie Photographer | Old Harry Knitwear | Newquay, Cornwall

    Visit Old Harry Knitwear

  • One Bright Dot

    06 May 2015

    Sublime short about a little light leaving the ocean by the french motion design house - Clement Morin.

    Visit Clement Morrin

  • Maddison Willmott: Five Killer Questions

    28 April 2015

    Maddison Willmott

    Maddison is our newest intern studying photography at Falmouth University. We set her the task of shooting and documenting her time with us as well as answering our five killer questions. Here's what went down:

    MW: They say that if you do a job you love then you’ll never have to work a day in your life. When your company is built on the ethos of good times, good friends, beautiful coastlines, surf and a creative passion, i don’t think you can easily go wrong. I had a hunch before visiting the studio that it was a place that embodied all of those things, a hunch which turned out to be pretty damn accurate. Heres some day to day shots i collected along the way!

    I visited the studio in early April and worked alongside Karl and Ian who, when not galavanting around their local breaks, spend countless hours designing, editing and networking. But what is a hard days editing when you have such an aesthetically sound desk!...A desk that quickly became a kind of personal muse for rainy office days!

    In the short two weeks that i was working with Mackie i was able to be a small part of these huge concepts and ideas from a whole load of creative individuals scattered across the UK and overseas and it really made me see the satisfaction in the design process and witnessing ideas come to life and take shape. It made me realise how this creative process is probably the strongest form of networking out there and it was hugely inspiring to watch and be part of. I’m not much of designer myself and the whole process was hugely more intricate and complex than i imagined, nothing like tampering with my free Wix website ,which is definitely due a re-vamp!.. but it was great to experience the work that goes into each project and see it evolve from pen and paper to a polished and responsive digital space.

    Mackie Surfboards

    It really is the art of mixing work and play, where friends become your subjects and your doorstep becomes your inspiration, it’s always been a goal of mine to make that my work, so its hugely inspiring to see someone who has achieved that and is established and recognised for having an individual style and aesthetic and who shares the same love of the cornish coast and surf lifestyle work that i do. Despite the struggle of not being able to get in the sea, due to all my kit being locked in a friends garage who was surfing in Morocco, it was great to be living and working on the north coast. Days not spent in the office were days spent on the beach shooting or scouring the coastline in the late afternoons. We managed to get some decent weather for a few of the days and made sure we got the best of it to shoot Blue surf, a new and upcoming surf school at watergate bay. It was great to have it all on the doorstep and to get out in the surf or to shoot it needing next to no prior organisation of lift shares and petrol pot funds, which was a refreshing change!

    Five Killer Questions:

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Easy going, Enthusiastic, creative

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    I chose to initially get in contact with Mackie studio because i have been a huge fan of Karl’s photography for a while now and knew it would be great to come and work alongside someone who shares the same passion for the cornish coastlines and surf lifestyle. I also have a keen interest in the design process although its a lot more intricate than i originally thought!

    What was your favourite part/project of the Internship?

    It was just so great being able to work alongside someone who has inspired a lot of my work and to be in such a creative environment where ideas and projects are constantly flying around. It really changes and refreshes your mindset and it has definitely re-fuelled some much needed inspiration!

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    To keep pushing forward, honing your skill and networking….Sorry that was more than one...but i think not being afraid to branch out and shoot things out of your comfort zone but realising that the key to keeping your online presence and work organic is to keep that personal work and your projects separate from commissioned work, for the most part...Oh and to invest in a chest camera harness of course! 

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    I have a web page that i have been working on, its something i’m quite new to, so its constantly being updated and improved but the works there maddisonaraceli.wix.com/maddisonwillmott I also use my instagram as a bit of a virtual gallery for my work: instagram.com/madds_araceli


    26 March 2015

    The weather has been perfect this week for shooting so we waited for the best day and headed out to shoot lifestyle and brand photography for a new business called Blue School School. We had our new photography intern, Maddison Willmott along for the ride and between Karl and Maddison we shot all afternoon in the sun and near picture perfect surf at Watergate Bay in Cornwall.

    Visit Blue Surf School


    16 March 2015

    Model wears Be Shades Sunglasses

    Be Shades Website Design

    We first met the guys from Be Shades when they sent us some of their lovely interchangeable sunnies, we had plenty of fun with them before we realised Be Shades would benefit hugely from our bespoke Paint and Drop system, the system originally developed for the Neon Wetsuits website. Be Shades already had a Shopify CMS in place, so we went in there and developed the new custom shades option for them before re-launching this week.

    View the case study 

  • Cornwall 6 Aside: Website Design

    20 February 2015

    Cornwall 6 Aside Football Website

    We just launched the new website for the Cornwall 6 Aside football league. We were able to do a quick and simple full page website using all of their original data, now the user can browse easily on all devices and updating the website is again much more intuitive. They're site traffic increased enormously from the change and kickstarted more interest in their social media and business overall.

    Visit Cornwall 6 Aside Football

  • We are now on Tumblr

    26 January 2015

    Mackie Studio Tumblr Blog

    For all the things that never find their way onto our other online channels, we now have a Tumblr.

    Visit our Tumblr


    14 January 2015

    The Corner by Karl Mackie

    Roy from KPA Framing in Newquay

    Four brand new 35mm Film works by Karl are now up on the walls of the Beach Hut at Watergate Bay, Cornwall. All of the images were shot in and around the Bay and framed locally by our brilliant framer Roy at KPA in Newquay.

    Visit Karl Mackie Photography

  • Holly Donnelly: Five Killer Questions

    16 December 2014

    Holly Donnelly with a Mackie Surfboard

    Holly Donnelly joined us on a three month internship back in October at a time when we were super busy with multiple projects covering branding, web design and photography. We asked her these five questions about her time here with us and what it meant to her.

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Down-to-earth, motivated, passionate.

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    I first came across Mackie Studio at the beginning of my graphic design degree, and it pretty much went straight to the top of my hit list of studio's I'd like to try and work at. I think it was Karl's 35mm photography I first identified with as I've been using film cameras since I was about 16, snapping Cornish beaches and surf trips, so that drew me in. I've always found Karl's photography really inspiring. All the studio's design work is so clean and bold, it just really stood out to me, and being a Cornish company in my hometown it ticked all the boxes for me! I contacted Karl at the end of my second year to try and get a placement before I went back to Falmouth for my final year but it didn't work out. After I graduated I went to London for an internship which opened my eyes a bit to the design industry, and was a big learning curve. I then got back in contact with Karl again and this time it all worked out, I went to meet the crew at the studio expecting maybe a 2 week placement, so was really happy to be offered 3 months.

    What was your favourite part/project of the Internship?

    I got to work on a whole range of different projects so there was never a dull moment. With Mackie being a small team I had no choice but to be thrown into the deep end from day 1, flying solo on some projects and seeing them through from start to finish. It was a bit daunting to start with but once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed the responsibility. Behind The Tide was probably my favourite project as that was the first one I worked on and for me was quite a big deal, being trusted with a website, poster and DVD design all tied together by the branding. As the film is about alternative surf culture it made it pretty much a dream project! I think the script that I drew for the logo worked well with what the film's about, and it was cool that Romain put the script in the film as well.

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    This is a tough one, I feel like I've learnt so much since I started in October. Before I started I didn't really know where I was going to end up or what area of design I was best at or enjoyed the most, it's still a bit up in the air now, but I've got a much clearer idea in my head of the work I want to be doing and where. Also I'm a bit more confident in my abilities now that I've got some more industry experience. Interning is definitely an invaluable experience, getting involved with so many different projects at a much faster pace than uni life! 

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    You can find all my work at: hollydonnelly.co.uk  I put a mixture of iPhone and 35mm photos on my Instagram page: instagram.com/hollydonnelly and day to day I tweet off-the-cuff random thoughts at: twitter.com/hollydonnelly

    Thank-you to everyone at Mackie Studio for such a great experience!

  • The #OPENSPACES Project

    05 December 2014

    Mackie Studio Open Spaces Book

    Mackie Studio Open Spaces Book

    Surfers in the Mackie Studio Open Spaces Book

    Handplanes in the Mackie Studio Open Spaces Book

    The three of us were sat around a table having lunch in the Newquay Red Lion pub when the idea for a book was first conceived. We rolled around the idea of a coffee table book of iPhone imagery shot throughout the seasons in Cornwall, as the ideas came together we decided we would produce it and this week we pulled it all together to create a draft version of #openspaces.

    Though unfinished, the initial response to the book has been great. It wont be out until we have finished shooting and are totally happy with the imagery which is looking like the end of 2016. 

    Visit our Instagram

  • The John Brodie Visit

    17 November 2014

    John Brodie

    For the past week we have welcomed the journalist John Brodie to the Mackie fold. Originally from California he had recently taken up permanent residence in Sweden, studying their cold water surf spots and dipping his toes. He flew to us with a laptop, a pencil and a roving eye. Each day he would come join us at the Bakery, sit on the old Chesterfield sofa and write, in between we surfed and talked, ate good food and made a lifelong friend.

    Read the article on Korduroy TV


    12 November 2014

    Karl Mackie Shooting Film

    Behind the Tide website grab

    We've just launched the website for new surf film Behind the Tide, a movie set in Cornwall, France and Australia following artists, creatives, photographers and storytellers in the surf industry. Directed by the frenchman Romain Juchereau and spanning 3 years, the film features many local and international people you might recognise. Alongside the website, we developed the branding and print for the advertising and DVD distribution.

    View the case study


    01 November 2014

    Mackie 2015 Calendar

    Our 2015 calendar is now out, completely re-designed from the previous years version with new perforation lines, allowing you to separate the image and frame it.



    15 October 2014

    Ernest Capbert

    Classic BMW Motorcycle

    Ernest Capbert wears Tudor watch diving

    Ernest Capbert surfing

    Finisterre Wetsuits

    We just wrapped a shoot for Esquire Magazine with Karl shooting Ernie from Finisterre for Tudor watches. Ernie had remembered an image from his childhood of a relative riding a motorcycle with his watch strapped to the handlebars. With this in mind we headed to Falmouth in Cornwall to recreate that image. We also shot surfing on the beach at St Agnes and at the Finisterre headquarters on the hill.


    04 October 2014

    Mackie Surfboard Shaping Bay

    The Mackie Paddler Surfboard

    The Mackie Weever Surfboard

    The Mackie Paddler at Watergate Bay

    The Mackie Fish Surfboard

    The first surfboard Karl shaped was in 2006, it was a take on the famous single fin Michael Peterson rode and featured in the film, Morning of the Earth. Fast forward 11 years and hundreds of boards later we decided to take a closer look at the boards and shape 3 new models for the studio. The Paddler, the Fish and the Weever were all shaped and glassed in the workshop in Newquay, with each step photographed on various formats. We then rode them, tweaked them and finally asked a group of surfers to test them out at a pumping Watergate Bay over 2 days.

    Photo credit: Image one - Adj Brown

  • The Watergate Bay photoshoot

    15 September 2014

    Karl just wrapped a fantastic summer long shoot for the guys at the Watergate Bay hotel, a mixture of film, mobile and digital work for their Another Place look book.

    Visit Watergate Bay

  • THE Trevornick Photoshoot

    01 September 2014

    Family barbie at Trevornick Campsite

    Kids feet hanging out the Tent at Trevornick Campsite

    Big bubble blowing at Trevornick Campsite

    Family fishing at Trevornick Campsite

    We made good use of the light and the amazing summer we are having to shoot lifestyle images for the Trevornick 2016 season around the lovely Holywell Bay, Cornwall.


    15 August 2014

    Models wearing Foreign Rider at Watergate Bay

    Surfer at Watergate Bay in Cornwall

    Model wears Dunning Hoody

    Model trains wearing Dunning Leisurewear

    Model wears Dunning in Falmouth

    We had the guys from clothing brand Foreign Rider and Dunning Golf fly from New York and Canada to see us and make plans for shooting their new respective clothing line. We had booked out 3 days for the shoot months ago and as everyone in the UK will know, the summer can be a lottery at the best of times. However we lucked in with glorious sunshine and pumping waves across the county as we travelled from Falmouth to Newquay on a this brilliant shoot.


  • The Local Trust Photoshoot

    16 July 2014

     Wall Tiles by the Local Trust Community

    Local Trust gardener in the summer heat of London

    Local Trust Gardener in London

    The Local Trust community team

    The Local Trust Website

    We have just wrapped a rewarding shoot for the Local Trust community across disadvantaged areas in London, meeting many inspiring people doing amazing things for their community. Local Trust’s mission is to enable people to make their communities better places to live. They do this by helping them develop and use their skills and confidence to identify what matters most to them, and to take action to change things for the better, now and in the future.

    They provide a mix of funding and finance to support people to make sustainable change, maximise impact and make the best use of scarce resources.

    Visit The Local Trust

  • Alastair mackie: Website Design

    03 July 2014

    Alastair Mackie in his barn workshop

    Alastair Mackie Website

    We first met Ally around a year before we created his website when Karl travelled to his workshop in Cornwall and photographed him sanding down a large pile of Cuttlefish. The shot was needed for the press and a show in New York. Fast forward to now and we have just launched his new image driven website, beautifully minimal, it shows off this cornish sculptures work perfectly.

    Visit Alastair Mackie


    08 June 2014

    Two Thirds Barcelona Store

    Mackie Handplanes

    Sanding Mackie Handplanes

    Applying Linseed Oil to Mackie Handplanes

    Polishing Mackie Handplanes

    Two Thirds and Mackie Handplanes

    Two Thirds Handplane

    We have always had a great relationship with our Basque friends TWOTHIRDS and have collaborated with them on a new version of our bodysurfing Handplane.

    The TWOTHIRDS handplane started life as a large sheet of premium Gaboon Marine plywood in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. It was important that the wood was sourced from an area that held strong connections to the sea and that we are using boat builders wood for its obvious waterproofing. From here we travelled to a village just outside of the Cornish capital and CNC cut the sheet of ply into the handplanes we have now. Next a short journey back to Falmouth and onto the Laser Cutters: Cut by Beam run by the amazing Jenny Shipley. They really are an awesome outfit, running bespoke laser cutting from a remote farm, we cannot thank these guys enough for what they do for us! 

    Back in the Newquay workshop the edges were carefully tuned with a router and then began the process of sanding to get the smooth finish we have now. Finally each board was coated in Linseed Oil, sanded and re-coated before being packaged up and sent to TWOTHIRDS in Spain.

  • The Old Bakery Workshop

    02 May 2014

    Mackie Creative Design and Marketing Studio in Newquay Cornwall

    Inside Mackie Studio in Newquay, Cornwall

    Mackie Handplane and Wetsuit

    Mackie Instagram Wall

    Mackie Window Signage

    Having outgrown the old place in Newquay it was time for a change. We needed a place that was big enough to allow for the ideas floating around, but close enough to the sea that we didn't lose what we're about. The Old Bakery Workshop, a stones throw from the sea has been in Cornwall for years. In the old days it supplied all of the bread and such like for the cafe down the road, which after being a gallery for a number of years is now once again a cafe. When the opportunity came for us to take it on we jumped on it, it suits us perfectly, light, spacious and airy, close to Newquay's creative community, coffee shops, surf and importantly close to the Airport and Train station.

    We had Newquay based Decor Whizz Lee Forbes in to renovate the studio and decorate it in our now infamous black and white colours, we then made the wooden desks and started to feel at home again. We now have a studio we can host client meets from the UK and overseas, plan shoots and workshops as we continue to grow. Later this year we will begin an intern program and work experience with the local schools and Universities.