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    31 March 2016

    Surfers against Sewage Safer Seas Advert

    There are approximately 31,000 Sewer Overflows around the UK. Their sole purpose is to discharge untreated human sewage and waste-water when the sewerage system is overloaded. CSOs act as emergency discharge valves in our sewerage system, discharging untreated sewage and wastewater when the system comes close to bursting, supposedly during periods of intense rainfall. Without CSOs, sewage could start backing up in our houses and gardens, so they are a vital part of our sewerage infrastructure. However, SAS is increasingly concerned that they are being used to regularly dispose of untreated sewage, even during times of low rainfall or none at all.

    The Environment Agency has opened a 6-week industry stakeholder consultation on how often water companies should be legally permitted to discharge raw, untreated human sewage effluent directly into the nation’s beaches, rivers and coastline. In response, Surfers Against Sewage is calling for public support for Sewage Free Seas, and aims to deliver thousands of signatures of public support to the Environment Agency and Members of Parliament to help finally deliver sewage free seas.

    Surfers Against Sewage is calling for 10,000 surfers, water users, boarders, swimmers and all beach lovers to sign its response to the Environment Agency consultation calling on the government for SEWAGE FREE SEAS!
    To do this supporters are asked to visit SewageFreeSeas.org.uk and add their signature. Surfers Against Sewage will deliver these to the Environment Agency and Environment Minister at its All Party Parliamentary Group meeting in Westminster on 4th May, once the consultation has closed.

    Visit Sewage Free Seas

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