08 June 2014

    Two Thirds Barcelona Store

    Mackie Handplanes

    Sanding Mackie Handplanes

    Applying Linseed Oil to Mackie Handplanes

    Polishing Mackie Handplanes

    Two Thirds and Mackie Handplanes

    Two Thirds Handplane

    We have always had a great relationship with our Basque friends TWOTHIRDS and have collaborated with them on a new version of our bodysurfing Handplane.

    The TWOTHIRDS handplane started life as a large sheet of premium Gaboon Marine plywood in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. It was important that the wood was sourced from an area that held strong connections to the sea and that we are using boat builders wood for its obvious waterproofing. From here we travelled to a village just outside of the Cornish capital and CNC cut the sheet of ply into the handplanes we have now. Next a short journey back to Falmouth and onto the Laser Cutters: Cut by Beam run by the amazing Jenny Shipley. They really are an awesome outfit, running bespoke laser cutting from a remote farm, we cannot thank these guys enough for what they do for us! 

    Back in the Newquay workshop the edges were carefully tuned with a router and then began the process of sanding to get the smooth finish we have now. Finally each board was coated in Linseed Oil, sanded and re-coated before being packaged up and sent to TWOTHIRDS in Spain.

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