04 October 2014

    Mackie Surfboard Shaping Bay

    The Mackie Paddler Surfboard

    The Mackie Weever Surfboard

    The Mackie Paddler at Watergate Bay

    The Mackie Fish Surfboard

    The first surfboard Karl shaped was in 2006, it was a take on the famous single fin Michael Peterson rode and featured in the film, Morning of the Earth. Fast forward 11 years and hundreds of boards later we decided to take a closer look at the boards and shape 3 new models for the studio. The Paddler, the Fish and the Weever were all shaped and glassed in the workshop in Newquay, with each step photographed on various formats. We then rode them, tweaked them and finally asked a group of surfers to test them out at a pumping Watergate Bay over 2 days.

    Photo credit: Image one - Adj Brown

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