• Holly Donnelly: Five Killer Questions

    16 December 2014

    Holly Donnelly with a Mackie Surfboard

    Holly Donnelly joined us on a three month internship back in October at a time when we were super busy with multiple projects covering branding, web design and photography. We asked her these five questions about her time here with us and what it meant to her.

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Down-to-earth, motivated, passionate.

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    I first came across Mackie Studio at the beginning of my graphic design degree, and it pretty much went straight to the top of my hit list of studio's I'd like to try and work at. I think it was Karl's 35mm photography I first identified with as I've been using film cameras since I was about 16, snapping Cornish beaches and surf trips, so that drew me in. I've always found Karl's photography really inspiring. All the studio's design work is so clean and bold, it just really stood out to me, and being a Cornish company in my hometown it ticked all the boxes for me! I contacted Karl at the end of my second year to try and get a placement before I went back to Falmouth for my final year but it didn't work out. After I graduated I went to London for an internship which opened my eyes a bit to the design industry, and was a big learning curve. I then got back in contact with Karl again and this time it all worked out, I went to meet the crew at the studio expecting maybe a 2 week placement, so was really happy to be offered 3 months.

    What was your favourite part/project of the Internship?

    I got to work on a whole range of different projects so there was never a dull moment. With Mackie being a small team I had no choice but to be thrown into the deep end from day 1, flying solo on some projects and seeing them through from start to finish. It was a bit daunting to start with but once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed the responsibility. Behind The Tide was probably my favourite project as that was the first one I worked on and for me was quite a big deal, being trusted with a website, poster and DVD design all tied together by the branding. As the film is about alternative surf culture it made it pretty much a dream project! I think the script that I drew for the logo worked well with what the film's about, and it was cool that Romain put the script in the film as well.

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    This is a tough one, I feel like I've learnt so much since I started in October. Before I started I didn't really know where I was going to end up or what area of design I was best at or enjoyed the most, it's still a bit up in the air now, but I've got a much clearer idea in my head of the work I want to be doing and where. Also I'm a bit more confident in my abilities now that I've got some more industry experience. Interning is definitely an invaluable experience, getting involved with so many different projects at a much faster pace than uni life! 

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    You can find all my work at: hollydonnelly.co.uk  I put a mixture of iPhone and 35mm photos on my Instagram page: instagram.com/hollydonnelly and day to day I tweet off-the-cuff random thoughts at: twitter.com/hollydonnelly

    Thank-you to everyone at Mackie Studio for such a great experience!

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