• Maddison Willmott: Five Killer Questions

    28 April 2015

    Maddison Willmott

    Maddison is our newest intern studying photography at Falmouth University. We set her the task of shooting and documenting her time with us as well as answering our five killer questions. Here's what went down:

    MW: They say that if you do a job you love then you’ll never have to work a day in your life. When your company is built on the ethos of good times, good friends, beautiful coastlines, surf and a creative passion, i don’t think you can easily go wrong. I had a hunch before visiting the studio that it was a place that embodied all of those things, a hunch which turned out to be pretty damn accurate. Heres some day to day shots i collected along the way!

    I visited the studio in early April and worked alongside Karl and Ian who, when not galavanting around their local breaks, spend countless hours designing, editing and networking. But what is a hard days editing when you have such an aesthetically sound desk!...A desk that quickly became a kind of personal muse for rainy office days!

    In the short two weeks that i was working with Mackie i was able to be a small part of these huge concepts and ideas from a whole load of creative individuals scattered across the UK and overseas and it really made me see the satisfaction in the design process and witnessing ideas come to life and take shape. It made me realise how this creative process is probably the strongest form of networking out there and it was hugely inspiring to watch and be part of. I’m not much of designer myself and the whole process was hugely more intricate and complex than i imagined, nothing like tampering with my free Wix website ,which is definitely due a re-vamp!.. but it was great to experience the work that goes into each project and see it evolve from pen and paper to a polished and responsive digital space.

    Mackie Surfboards

    It really is the art of mixing work and play, where friends become your subjects and your doorstep becomes your inspiration, it’s always been a goal of mine to make that my work, so its hugely inspiring to see someone who has achieved that and is established and recognised for having an individual style and aesthetic and who shares the same love of the cornish coast and surf lifestyle work that i do. Despite the struggle of not being able to get in the sea, due to all my kit being locked in a friends garage who was surfing in Morocco, it was great to be living and working on the north coast. Days not spent in the office were days spent on the beach shooting or scouring the coastline in the late afternoons. We managed to get some decent weather for a few of the days and made sure we got the best of it to shoot Blue surf, a new and upcoming surf school at watergate bay. It was great to have it all on the doorstep and to get out in the surf or to shoot it needing next to no prior organisation of lift shares and petrol pot funds, which was a refreshing change!

    Five Killer Questions:

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Easy going, Enthusiastic, creative

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    I chose to initially get in contact with Mackie studio because i have been a huge fan of Karl’s photography for a while now and knew it would be great to come and work alongside someone who shares the same passion for the cornish coastlines and surf lifestyle. I also have a keen interest in the design process although its a lot more intricate than i originally thought!

    What was your favourite part/project of the Internship?

    It was just so great being able to work alongside someone who has inspired a lot of my work and to be in such a creative environment where ideas and projects are constantly flying around. It really changes and refreshes your mindset and it has definitely re-fuelled some much needed inspiration!

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    To keep pushing forward, honing your skill and networking….Sorry that was more than one...but i think not being afraid to branch out and shoot things out of your comfort zone but realising that the key to keeping your online presence and work organic is to keep that personal work and your projects separate from commissioned work, for the most part...Oh and to invest in a chest camera harness of course! 

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    I have a web page that i have been working on, its something i’m quite new to, so its constantly being updated and improved but the works there maddisonaraceli.wix.com/maddisonwillmott I also use my instagram as a bit of a virtual gallery for my work: instagram.com/madds_araceli

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