• Square Prints

    22 July 2015

    Square print surfing illustrations by Mackie Studio

    Mackie Surfboards on Watergate Bay Beach

    Effectively we looked at the surfboards shaped by our founder; Karl Mackie and brought them to the paper, the more we drew the more it became apparent that four is a nice number to complete the range.

    The Mackie Fish surfboard inspired square print

    The Mackie Paddler surfboard inspired square print

    The Mackie Weever quad fin surfboard inspired square print

    The Mackie fishtail handplane inspired square printInspired by years of surfing and bodysurfing we began designing illustrations of the boards around us in the studio. We wanted to explore more illustration within our work and began dreaming of something colourful and BIG.

    The outcome was four prints, blessed with colour, featuring surfboards and handplanes that we use whenever we get chance to grab a surf. Each illustration is printed on the same stock we use for printing film photography which carries that slightly grainy feel to capture the handmade feel of the work.

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