• six years of handplanes

    27 September 2015

    The original Mackie Handplane

    Adding the edges to the Mackie Handplane

    This month marks six years of our bodysurfing Handplanes. In that time we have hand made over 2K boards and sent them out all over world for a variety of different uses - not always for bodysurfing!

    The Mackie bodysurfing Handplane

    It's been quite a journey with many stories but the favourite has to be when we received an email from a guy in Kenya, he had studied at Plymouth University and knew of us from being in the South West. Returning to Kenya he dropped us an email telling us all about these bodysurfing spots so we sent a box of boards over for the kids to enjoy.

    Another memory is the time they were for sale on Sunset Boulevard in LA. For around a two year period we would make boards on demand and send them out to the USA!

    A highlight was the Handplane Art Project which saw twenty six Handplanes sent out to various creatives from around the world with one simple brief; to create artwork on the boards that reflected their interpretation of the sea. We had some amazing pieces of art back from the likes of Maddie Gordon, Chris Del Moro, Tim Crabtree and many more. We then exhibited the results throughout Cornwall.

    The Mackie Handplane Art Kit

    Mackie Handplane Art by Maddie Gordon - Tim Crabtree - Karlee Mackie

    The Mackie Handplane Art Project

    Six years on and Handplanes are widely available throughout the ocean community and ours are still as important as they always were. Our latest venture was a Handplane collaboration with our Basque friends TwoThirds on a new board that is now available throughout Europe.

    Linseed oil used for the Mackie Handplanes

    Oiling a Mackie x Twothirds Handplane

    Mackie x Twothirds Handplane

    For us the simple fundamental reason for making a Handplane in the first place is still the same; to keep in the car, rucksack or travel bag and be able to dive into the sea whenever the moment takes us.

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