• The Third Colour

    17 March 2016

    Mackie Studio new store UI layout

    This is not just an article about us introducing a third colour to our brand. The fact we have been black and white for so long is a good thing in our mind, it's clear, honest and visibly transparent in it's simplicity.

    However user usability is everything and a lot has changed over the last 3 years, for a start mobile browsing is now bigger than ever with the big players all upping their screen sizes to the point we are using our mobiles for content instead of our iPads.

    It's because of the iPhone 6s Plus that we decided to introduce #369bc8 into our design elements. With its oversized screen, browsing is as good as it gets on a mobile device. Websites arguably look great on a retina screen with super sharp text and rich colour imagery. We knew we had to introduce the third colour to highlight any call to action simply because the UI is bigger, easier to navigate and as a large part of our traffic comes from mobile users we wanted user usability to be clear and consistent.

    iPhone 6 mock up of the Mackie Testimonial page

    This is a good point to introduce our new and updated website with the additional third colour and to highlight a number of tweaks and features we have introduced for this version:

    1 - New content
    2 - Testimonials
    3 - Additional project information
    4 - New products
    5 - Internship information
    6 - New Navigation window
    7 - Ability to share our journal posts
    8 - Newsletter sign up
    9 - Alternative mobile & tablet content
    10 - The new #369bc8 third colour

    New Mackie Studio UI layout on Mobile

    Mackie Studio new work page UI layout

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