• Introducing Emily - our new Digital Designer!

    07 December 2016

    Emily Cooke interview at Mackie Studio

    Before joining Mackie, Emily worked at Wavelength Surf Magazine where she was engaged in designing for online and print in the fast paced sector of magazines. She has a passion for understanding and finding ways to meet and exceed design expectations and we like that…a lot.

    Photography by Amy Bullock.

    Can you provide us with a little background on yourself?
    Yeah sure, I grew up in the Lake district, then went on to study Graphic Design at Leeds University then decided that I wanted to move to the beautiful Cornish coast to be able to surf and design so I took the step to move down to Cornwall about two years ago straight after university. The idea was that I wanted to surf and design whilst being in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and it's all worked out pretty well!

    I started my time in Cornwall by doing an Internship at Wavelength Magazine / Wavelength Media, where afterwards I was lucky enough to be offered a full time job, so I worked for Wavelength for just over a year which was really fun and great experience for me, working across both print and digital and gaining heaps of experience whilst working there. I had a really talented creative director there that took me under his wing and taught me a ridiculous amount of skills in my first year working as a designer. Then the job at Mackie came up, never expecting to get it, I applied and now, here I am, loving my new role at Mackie Studio! 

    What was it about Mackie Studio that attracted you the most and what do you enjoy about working at the studio?
    It’s a small friendly studio where all of the designers and developers love what they do and take pride in their work. I was drawn by the fact that Mackie create great websites/branding and photography which has simplicity and minimalistic, clean design as a core value. Working with Karl is awesome as he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that I’m learning from everyday and I’m also picking up loads of photography insight which is epic as it’s something that I’m really keen to develop my skills at! I love the fact that I’m working on websites most of the time as it’s pretty fast paced and keeps the workflow and projects moving constantly and in turn there’s a huge diversity of different projects and clients.

    I really enjoy the variation of projects and clients that come through the door at Mackie Studio as I love working in different areas of design. One day I might be working on a logo, the next day I might be working on a really complex website or app for a huge multinational client. The variation of clients that we work with and the projects we get to work on are really exciting to be part of.

    Who do you get inspired by in your line of work?
    Tough question as there’s so many talented designers out there. I’ll run through three of my favourites.

    Snask's ideas are crazy and very fun!

    Gemma O’Brien does beautiful typography based projects she has ridiculous hand drawing and calligraphy skills.

    Jessica Walsh is a super talented art director based in New York and works at the studio Sagmeister and Walsh (who I also hugely admire).

    Aaron Draplin, a graphic designer who creates mainly logos. His work and logos are wonderful. Check out his website his inspiring talk at the Adobe meet up here.

    What project in your career so far stands out for you the most?
    It’s actually been working on our most recent project at Mackie, which was designing and developing the new Jam Industries site. Seeing my designs go from ideas, to getting developed, then to be signed off by the client and see go live is a real highlight!

    Emily Cooke interview at Mackie Studio

    What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?
    Surfing, skiing, snowboarding have to be favourites. Whenever I can be i’m always in the sea or going off to ski resorts in the alps to buy a liftpass. I love adventuring around Cornwall discovering all the cool rugged beaches and coastline. Really it’s the perfect place to be based in the UK as I love surfing and living on the coast and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else now. Being able to bbq on the beach in the summer after work or go surfing on your lunch break is the best!

    Emily Cooke interview at Mackie Studio

    What are you most excited about for the projects that you have coming up?
    I would say I’m probably looking forward to working with Kudhva the most. Kudhva is company that have made these very cool architectural pods in North Cornwall, they're located right beside the coast with stunning views and you can go and stay in them. Kudhva is the Cornish word for hideout and they look really really cool! They’ll be opening in the summer and I can’t wait to go and stay in one! We’ll be doing the company’s, photography, branding, website and we will also be creating a book for them in the coming weeks. It’ll be great getting stuck into that, a really fun and exciting project to work on!

    I’m also fully looking forward to working on designing an app that will be released into the gaming industry! Follow us on dribble and behance for more updates on all that we're working on. Loads of exciting projects in the pipeline!

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