• Kyle Grainger: Five Killer Questions

    23 September 2016

    Who is Kyle Grainger? When we first heard from him via an email enquiry, we checked him out and liked him straight away. His work has that same minimal take on the subjective as us and we love that. Kyle arrived with us from Falmouth University for a weeks internship studying photography and branding.

    When photography students come to MACKIE we always try and accommodate a real life shoot situation with Karl Mackie so they can experience the process involved. Kyle's week just happened to fall on a shoot we had planned with the guys from Path Adventure. The basis of the shoot being 'its all about the content' (more on this in a later post) so after a quick briefing over a coffee we set off to explore Cornwall with a variety of cameras and a car full of stoke.

    Here's what went down plus Kyle's five killer questions:

    Five Killer Questions:

    What three words would you choose to describe yourself?

    Creative, fun and driven

    Why did you choose Mackie Studio for your internship?

    I chose Mackie studio because I've been following their work for a while and felt that I could relate to it easily. From loving their photography and aesthetic I felt the need to get a deeper insight into design and branding. As a photographer I felt it would be useful to learn about other creative roles to help benefit working with them in the future.

    What was your favourite part/project of your internship?

    Favourite part has to be getting to know Karl as a friend and a great mentor, he was able to break down a lot of stuff for me and give me a clear insights into being a 'photographer' and a 'creative'. It was also great fun working with Mackie and Path Adventure shooting the cornish coast, documenting the process of photography and editing using elements of video.

    Tell us one useful experience you learnt for the future?

    One thing I learnt was to make sure you go out and actually do the things you want to do. Don't waste time thinking 'what if' or 'how can i', just go for it. Karl helped me to realise that if you're passionate about something then why not? This has given me tones of perspective on my ideas and goals and helped me to think bigger.

    Outside of work and study where can we find you online?

    You can find me on my website and also on my Instagram:



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