Behind the Tide

Filmed across the Uk, France and Australia. Behind the tide was a film three years in the making about individual artists and creatives in the surf community. We were asked to create a platform that allowed the stories featured in the film to be told through digital and physical mediums.  

Behind the Tide surf film on various screen sizes


We began by stripping the project back and creating a hand written logo that we felt would engage this genre of movie watchers. We then incorporporated the branding across web, print, packaging, POS and the dvd itself as we began to build a campaign to engage the public's imagination.

Mobile UI of the surf film Behind the Tide Full screen surf image for Behind the Tide


We established an online solution for Behind the tide, successfully launching the website with a strong social media campaign that accompanied the point of sale and physical dvd launch. This helped to boost the online interest in the film around the world as it was selected for 12 international surf film festivals and featured in countless surf magazines.

Behind the Tide DVD Cover design Behind the Tide DVD Inside Cover design


"I've received some fantastic feedback from Surf magazines and the film has been selected in more than 12 Internationals surf film Festivals. Thanks to Mackie Studio for helping me to make the Behind The Tide film project come to life!"

Behind the Tide DVD at Mackie Studio Still from Behind the Tide by Romain Juchereau

Creative Direction, Branding, UI/UX design, Development, Marketing, Packaging

Launch Website