WTW Cinema

WTW Cinemas had long established themselves as a solid brand by the time a new multi screen complex was built in Newquay, Cornwall. Over the past 10 years there had never been the ability to book a cinema ticket online. To coincide with the new construction, they needed a website that would offer a better user experience for their customers.

WTW Cinemas website UI on different screens


Wordpress allowed us to create a simple interface for the client to control a multi-channel website, serving four locations across Cornwall including the general company branded pages. We created the promotional marketing app called 'Let's go see a film' which targeted groups of regular cinema goers, asking them to contact their friends via a simple UI and 'go see a film'. 

WTW Cinemas iPhone 6 UI WTW Cinemas how to book on a Macbook Air


We were able to control seat booking and advertising for films through custom modules and integration with the Jack Rowe booking system. This allowed the ticket sales to be fully integrated with the in-house ticket system. The WTW Cinema group has gone on to host a variety of local and international film festivals all booked through the new website.

WTW Cinemas graphical icons WTW Cinemas promotional booking tool


"Having worked with the guys at Mackie over the last few years on the redevelopment of the WTW Cinemas website, we can happily say that they have been truly great partners to work with, from the initial redevelopment to the ongoing additions which help make wtwcinemas.co.uk an evolving online destination which works extremely well for both us and our customers needs"

WTW Cinemas full screen home page on a cinema display Link to the Kung Fu 3D Panda Movie

Creative Direction, Branding, UI/UX design, Development

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