Neon Wetsuits

For nearly 10 years, Neon has made simply designed, beautiful wetsuits. Working with Neon from the beginning we built them more than a retail site, we created a UI that invited their clients to get involved in the process of owning a custom wetsuit.  

Neon Wetsuits UI on multiple screens


We found the Shopify platform to be ideal for this project as it gave the client the ease of the Shopify interface, but still had enough flexibility for us to add a custom Paint and Drop tool, allowing customers to design their own wetsuits. We really pushed the standard Shopify functionality with this one.

Neon Wetsuits UI on Mobile Neon Wetsuits paint and drop screen


Using the skin of the shopify platform under our UI simplified the admin side of things for Neon. It most importantly gave the client complete control over the paint and drop tool we developed. This was priceless in them controlling stock and managing their own CMS.

Screen grab of unedited Neon Wetsuit Screen grab of customised Neon Wetsuit


"Mackie Studio worked really hard to make a difficult, but essential part of our website come to life. Then continuing to move it forward and make it easier to both create and use. Understanding our vision for the style of the site was most important to us as i would describe ourselves as a 'picky' customer...they did an all round great job!"

Neon Wetsuits gallery UI on Ipad Air 2 Model wearing Neon Wetsuits shot by Katrina Parker

Branding, UI/UX design, Development

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