Alastair Mackie

We share a lot of the same interests as Alastair Mackie but least a last name, a case of an amusing coincidence none the less. Alastair is an artist whose work has been exhibited extensively worldwide. His choice of media is unconventional yet incredibly simple and elegant. He came to Mackie Studio looking for a refreshed website with new content and a strong online presence. 

Alastair Mackie working in his Barn


Given the nature of Alastair's' work, Wordpress felt like the ideal tool to present the website. Without the need for e-commerce, it was cost effective and flexible enough for us to create custom galleries and arrange the content in the way we needed to, without the extra expense of a more bespoke CMS.

Alastair Mackie art on a cinema display Alastair Mackie news on a macbook air


It was important to Alastair that the site was image driven as so much of his work is visual with minimal navigation and plenty of white space. We created a fullscreen CMS website, entirely image led with the very minimum of textual content to mirror his personality and bring his creativity to the forefront.

Alastair Mackie crisis artwork on a macbook air Alastair Mackie crisis artwork


"10 out of 10 - out of the box thinking. I could not recommend more highly"

Alastair Mackie Mimetes Anon artwork Alastair Mackie Corporeal Artwork

Branding, UI/UX design, Development, Photography

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